Library Fees? No Problem, Just Show A Cat Picture!

The days when libraries were places of quiet sternness, patrolled by librarians enforcing silence, are long past and the Worcester Public Library in Massachusetts, USA, is challenging this old stereotype with their March Meowness campaign

This library launched “March Meowness” campaign, hoping to draw readers back, even those with overdue fines or fees for lost and damaged items. Uniquely, patrons can clear their fines simply by presenting an image of a cat, be it a photo, a drawing, or even a magazine cutout.

According to their “Felines for Fee Forgiveness” announcement, anyone with fines for lost or damaged items from the Worcester Public Library can have those fees waived by showing a cat picture, regardless of the outstanding amount.

“Got fees for lost or damaged Worcester Public Library items?” the library wrote on its website. “Show us a picture of a cat (any cat)* and we will forgive your fees.”

Acknowledging that accidents and lost items can deter library use, the Worcester Public Library hopes this campaign will encourage the public to reengage with their services.

“We want you back at the library, so we are offering one month of fee forgiveness for lost or damaged items from the Worcester Public Library! Show us a picture of your cat, a famous cat, a picture you drew of a cat, a shelter cat — any cat, and we will forgive WPL fees on your library account,” the library wrote on its website.

“We understand accidents can happen, and sometimes, fees might hold you back from fully using your public library,” the message continued.

The library is celebrating March Meowness across all its locations, with activities that include partnerships with local animal rescue organizations, cat toy crafting sessions (for personal pets or shelter donations), a “March Meowness” bracket competition, and selections of cat-related books, alongside the central offer of fee forgiveness for any lost or damaged items.



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