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Kevin Attends 2024 Kindersley’s Premier’s Dinner

Ken Francis, the outgoing provincial MLA for Kindersley, was the M/C for the evening and he was on point. He introduced all MLA’s who attended, as well as local politicians and other dignitaries. He thanked all the sponsors for the event, Coutts Agro, Kelly Insurance Brokers, Longhorn Oil & Gas, SimPlot, Good to Go Trucking and the newly formed Kindersley-Biggar Constituency Association. Ken said that that approximately every 10 years, the electoral boundaries are redrawn and our area now includes Biggar.

Ken next introduced Kim Gartner, who won the Sask Party nomination as he defeated incumbent Randy Weekes a short time ago. Kim then introduced Scott Moe to come up and to give his key note speech.

Premiere Scott Moe spoke to a full house at the Kindersley Inn on Thursday, March 21st. His message simply was that investment attraction was key for the growth of Saskatchewan, its businesses and people.

He expounded on the successes of the Sask Party and the future plans for the province. He mentioned about anti-energy Bill C-372; a Federal bill brought forth by the NDP that would prohibit the advertising and/or promotion of fossil fuels! That sounds so insane and laughable that I had to look it up for myself. He was right. That’s politics for ya!

He also spoke about the province NOT going to endorse safe injection sites for drug users. That is just enabling them, so there are other plans in the works to help them. After that, they want to target the drug dealers as they feel this will help to reduce the crime rate, which has sky-rocketed all over the province. As well, more money is earmarked for education with new schools being built and others to be renovated. More nurses are coming here from other countries, most notably the Philippines and are able to go work when they get here without extra training/education.

Of course, he spoke about the deficiencies of the NDP Party and how they would turn back time and take the province backwards if they were elected in the fall. Of course, as Premiere he has to say that and the response from the more than 200 attendees was positive and he received a standing ovation

when he concluded his speech. He mingled well and met and greeted many people, which says a lot about his character. He knows what is required of him and his party and he knows that political life can be fleeting but also, very rewarding and at times, tenacious. You may not always agree with your opponents and sometimes not even everyone in your own party, but everyone should be heard as their views may be valuable and give you something to think about. Or to think about something a different way.

All in all, it was a fun evening for everyone. Scott Moe is an eloquent speaker who is passionate about this province and the potential he and the Sask Party see. Oh, did I mention supper? It was awesome. The Kindersley Inn staff did an excellent job with the meal and making all the guests were taken care of just right.

Thank you to the Sask Party for coming out and being a part of Kindersley for the evening!


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