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Jeremy Patzer Town Hall, March 27

“As seeding and ranching time approaches and our farmers and ranchers start working the fields, I hope we can all appreciate our food and those who work hard to grow it.

In Ottawa, Conservatives are working hard to fight for farmers, ranchers and all Canadians across the nation by holding this government accountable for its costly Carbon tax. This week, Conservatives stood with 70% of Canadians who have lost confidence in this government to call a Carbon Tax election; unfortunately, the NDP voted against their constituents to keep this government in power.

As I return to the South West this week, I would love to hear about how this government’s policy affects your life and what action you want to see from our leaders.

This Wednesday, March 27th, at 7 PM, I will be hosting a town hall at Beechy Community Hall, and I would love it if you could make it.

These are great opportunities for you to let me know about the issues at the top of your mind and what actions you would like from this NDP/Liberal coalition, especially with the budget coming in April. After all, my job, first and foremost, is to understand your concerns and to represent you in Ottawa.”

-Jeremy Patzer




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