State of emergency declared in Niagara Region Over Solar Eclipse

Niagara Region has announced a state of emergency in anticipation of the influx of spectators coming to observe the solar eclipse on April 8.

The declaration, made by Regional Chair Jim Bradley on Thursday, March 28, under the Emergency Management and Civil Protection Act (EMCPA), is a precautionary measure to manage the expected large crowds safely.

Authorities encourage both residents and visitors to enjoy the eclipse safely, highlighting the collaborative efforts of local governments, emergency services, schools, and other organizations with the province and key partners to facilitate a smooth experience.

Police forecasts indicate that up to one million people might gather at Niagara Falls for the eclipse, with the region being a prime location due to its position along the path of totality.

The announcement advises the public to plan ahead for potential congestion, suggesting early preparations such as fueling vehicles, stocking up on groceries, and completing necessary errands well before the event date.

In light of the eclipse, most schools in the Niagara area will not hold classes on April 8, and parents are advised to arrange childcare accordingly.

The region emphasizes the importance of using only ISO 12312-2 certified glasses for eclipse viewing to ensure eye safety.

To alleviate traffic, Niagara Region plans to close some facilities and adjust various programs and services during the event.

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