Fourth Wing is Coming to Our Screens

Have you been swept up in the romantasy craze? Read every single book in the “Sarah J Mass universe” and reread Fourth Wing a million times?

If you have, then you will be please to know that Fourth Wing is coming to our TV. Yes, the Game of Thrones book to screen finale scarred many of us, but that doesn’t the next big fantasy show coming to TV will be bad.

In fact, with the upcoming book-to-screen adaptation of Fourth Wing on the way, author Rebecca Yarros, has assured fans that her series wouldn’t meet a similar fate. The series for Fourth Wing has been in development with Amazon and Michael B. Jordan’s Outlier Society since October 2023. Speaking with Variety about her books and the TV series, Yarros was asked if there’s a plan to “avoid an A Song of Ice and Fire/Game of Thrones situation,” meaning: Will all her novels be published before the show is finished? She promised fans this wouldn’t happen, explaining that unless something happens to her, they’re not going to have that situation, and that they do have a publication schedule, it is just not public yet.

In 2023, Yarros told Today that her series is completely plotted out, and there’s a plan to publish five books, most recently it was announced the third book, “Onyx Storm,” is set to come out on January 21, 2025.

While Yarros made a point to say that Fourth Wing fans won’t have to worry about the show getting to a point where it doesn’t have a book to base a season on, she did say she’s slowing down a bit, and that after writing 851,000 words in 15-18 months she was wiped out.

Yarros is also serving as an executive producer on the Amazon project and while she couldn’t give many updates, she did say things are happening in the writer’s room. While the show most likely won’t premiere in 2024, it is likely Season 1 will come out before the entire book series is published, because pre-production is in full swing.

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