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Thank You and Fare Well

Kindersley has a special place in my heart.

Those who regularly read this column will know I was born in the Kindersley Hospital in 1953. My first “real” job was here in 1976 as an assistant pastor at the Kindersley Alliance church. My final pastorate was back here again in 2005 with my retirement in Kindersley in 2015.

In 2016, not quite understanding what retirement was supposed to mean (at least as interpreted by utopian promotions of life on a beach and doing nothing), I decided to head into a bit of a writing career. I submitted some of my writing to the fledgling Kindersley Social and was met with acceptance of writing a column for the magazine section of Kindersley Social.

Today is episode #189 of that adventure. This will be my last official column in this run of editorials for Kindersley Social.

I have come to a transition point in my life. Physically my wife and I will be leaving Kindersley to abide in Calgary in the middle of April. Thanks to those who have helped in selling homes, setting up and assisting with moving adventures, and those who have encouraged us as we muddled through.

Let me recount some of my gratitude to you, the readers. I’ve enjoyed those of you who have stopped me in the Post Office or a local retail outlet and thanked me for this column. Those short chats were affirming and often well timed. If I have been able to represent you in words, I am humbled.

I remember early on in writing for (my short form for Kindersley Social) someone spoke to the editor rather critical of an article I wrote. I commend my editor for pointing out that the reader had misinterpreted my words. Thanks to a great staff who have encouraged me to continue on. Of particular note are Jeff, Nicole, Chris, and Danielle.

And I can’t forget Kevin Martin. Recently Kindersley Social asked me to join Kevin in an “entertainment podcast” called the Kevin and Ron Show—which has been a real “hoot”! Thanks, Kevin, for putting up with me and my bad jokes!! Kevin will continue the podcast with a new host – Rev. Piotr (as he is affectionately known in the community).

Let me speak to my love of Kindersley and region. Kindersley has been, is and will be a beacon and hub for this part of the province of Saskatchewan. The story goes that the early days of electrification in the province saw Kindersley be the first rural community with underground wiring. We have always considered ourselves to be out on the leading edge of community life. There is a vibrant agricultural, oil and gas, professional and trades community – along with an appreciation for the arts and for community spirit. I have not regretted at all the opportunity to live on this piece of the planet!

Let me speak to our move. This is an opportunity to be closer to family. In the early days of finding jobs and settling into “family life” we venture where the opportunities lie. My own adventures included such places as Regina, Prince Albert, and Edmonton. We were scattered away from family, creating new family and as one of my friends said, “being all there wherever you are.” In later life, after family has scattered, there is often a call back to “being where the family is.” And so, off to Calgary we go!

Once again – thank you, readers, for joining me in this adventure!  

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