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Mistaken Prize Notification Sparks Class Action Lawsuit Against Tim Hortons

Tim Hortons has dismissed a potential class action lawsuit as baseless. The lawsuit arose after around 500,000 customers across Canada were mistakenly sent emails by the company during its Roll Up to Win contest, falsely informing them they had won a boat and trailer worth over $68,000. The error, documented in court documents from the Montreal-based LPC Avocats, led over 2,000 individuals to express their displeasure on a Facebook group after being initially informed they won, only to later learn it was a mistake and that no compensation would be provided.

Tim Hortons issued an apology for the oversight and requested that customers ignore the misleading email. On April 19, LPC Avocats filed for a class action lawsuit with the Superior Court of Quebec, which is pending a certification hearing.

The lawsuit accuses Tim Hortons of breaching the Consumer Protection Act, which obligates merchants to honor statements made in promotions like the Roll Up To Win contest. The action seeks punitive damages of $10,000 for each affected customer, with additional damages to be assessed by the court.

Tim Hortons said in a statement to CTV News that it will be addressing the matter in court.

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