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Kinder Kollege Presents Plans for New Facility

This past Wednesday drew some interested visitors to the Kindersley Elks Hall as the Kinder Kollege presented their plan to open a facility for 90 childcare spaces and 30 before and after school care spaces. Now that is a very ambitious project, and one that is well needed. Unfortunately, all it takes is money and time and people with the drive to get it done!

The Kids Academy Early Learning Centre, to be located at 200 Thomson Drive, is soon to be a reality and not just some great idea. Access to high-quality childcare is not just a pressing need for families but also a crucial factor in the overall vitality and growth of our community.

Currently there can up to a 2 year wait! Many parents in Kindersley face significant challenges in finding affordable, reliable and safe childcare options for their children. This has placed a strain on working parents and diminishes our communities capacity to attract and retain young families. The need for accessible childcare options in Kindersley is undeniable.

Investing in early childhood education is not just about meeting the needs of today; it’s about building a stronger and more prosperous future for our community. We have a vested interest in supporting the construction of a new childcare centre in Kindersley due to the numerous benefits it offers, including workforce retention, talent attraction, community engagement, economic development and long-term impact on education and workforce development.

The proposed childcare initiative aims to address these challenges head-on by establishing a new childcare centre that will provide high-quality early childhood educators and care for children in Kindersley and surrounding area. Their goal is to provide a safe, nurturing, educational and fun learning environment with a holistic approach that promotes cognitive, physical, social and emotional development to all children.

By establishing a new childcare centre, they plan to alleviate the current shortage of childcare spaces and have a dedicated team that shares this vision of providing accessible and affordable Childcare.

They have currently raised almost 1.5 million through government grants and other donations and fundraising. The total estimated cost is approx. 4 million. Their strategy includes a 3-year pledge period that will align with the proposed building timeline that has been laid out by the primary contractor, Pro-Bilt of Kindersley.

This is such a huge undertaking that of course and it cannot be achieved alone. Support and generosity of community members is paramount to completing this new centre. Whether through financial contributions, volunteer efforts, or spreading the word about this initiative, every contribution makes a difference.

If you are able to help, it would be greatly appreciated. The fundraising team would love to hear from you!

Kids Academy Fundraising Team

Stephen Conway @ 306-430-7285, Jodi Geddes, Sarah Dragseth, Jacqueline Armitage, Rebecca German, Joann Gallant, Kaley Heinrichs, Megan Korchinski, Patrick Brick @ 306-430-4145 and Monique Neigum @ 306-512-8227.

By Kevin Martin

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