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Kindersley Fire Receives Multiple Calls

Friday, June 7, 2024
-10:07 Dispatched to wildland fire
-Dispatched 2 wildland units, 1 pumper, 1 utility, 1 command, 2 tenders, 2 other 3rd party tenders also on scene.
-Fire is located along CN rail tracks, rail ties and pasture land burning.
-Area is very rough terrain, multiple units getting stuck, we have tractors on scene pulling them out.
-CN rail pickers on scene separating bundles of railway ties burning.
-Thanks to Sautner Farms, Eric Friesen, TKC Trucking, Troy & Derrick Ching, Hollands Water haulers.
-After 10 plus hours at 20:24
-All members and units cleared for service

Saturday, June 8
-13:44 dispatched to single vehicle MVC
-Responded with 2 Rescue units, 1 Command and 1 Traffic Control Utility vehicle
-Arrived on scene to injuries, assisted EMS with patient
-Set up traffic control, until EMS off scene
-16:03 all units and personnel cleared for service

2nd Call for June 8
-16:09 dispatched to stove fire
-Dispatched 2 Class A pumpers, 1 Command Vehicle
-Arrived on scene to smoke-filled house, extinguished fire, ventilated house.
-16:41 all units and personnel cleared for service

Sunday, June 9
-14:35 Dispatched to Adult Male and Large Dog trapped on a roof of a 2 story structure.
-Responded with Ladder Truck, Rescue Truck and a Command and Utility units.
-Rescue was successful using ladder truck and multiple crew members.
-All units and personnel cleared for service 15:16

Source: Kindersley Fire Facebook page

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