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Saskatchewan Student Aid Applications Now Open for Post-Secondary Students

The 2024-25 Saskatchewan Student Aid applications are now available for students pursuing post-secondary education this fall.

This year, the province is celebrating 75 years of providing financial support to students. Since its inception, the Student Aid Fund has provided over $2.2 billion in financial assistance to post-secondary students.

“The Saskatchewan Student Aid Fund makes it easier for students to access post-secondary education and lay a foundation for a promising and productive future,” Advanced Education Minster Colleen Young said. “The Government of Saskatchewan will continue to invest in financial supports to empower students to complete post-secondary education and build rewarding careers in Saskatchewan.”

The 2024-25 budget provides more than $46 million for student loans, grants and scholarships. More than 22,000 eligible students are expected to benefit from non-repayable and repayable financial assistance this year.

This year, the Government of Saskatchewan is further increasing access to student supports by investing $4.2 million in the newly established Saskatchewan Student Grant for Students with dependants. This grant will provide eligible full-time students with up to $950 in additional funding per dependant annually, if they have dependants under 12, or over 12 with a permanent disability.

“As a full-time nursing student with dependants I have so many options to help pay for my education, which makes me feel fortunate and pleased,” Saskatchewan Polytechnic Registered Nursing student Maria Sadikov said. “I was worried about how I was going to manage my finances while going to school full-time and managing my household. All the student aid options will help me achieve my goal of becoming a nurse and a direct contributor to society.”

Saskatchewan students will automatically be assessed for the new grant when they submit their application.

Students interested in taking advantage of Saskatchewan Student Aid can fill out an online application to be assessed for a mix of provincial and federal grants and loans. They can also apply for a number of other student aid programs including scholarships, bursaries, disability grants and student loan forgiveness.

Post-secondary graduates who live and work in Saskatchewan can also benefit from the Graduate Retention Program, which provides up to $20,000 in tax credits, as well as a number of financial incentive programs for high-demand occupations.

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