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Dennis’ Welding Expands into the Online Space

For over 40 years, Dennis’ Welding Ltd. has been serving the West Central region of Saskatchewan and parts of Alberta. Based out of Kindersley, they have built a reputation for excellence in a wide variety of projects, from fabrication to installation and repairs, both in-shop and in the field and now they have expanded into the online space!

Their new online store features a comprehensive selection of the products they carry, making it easier to browse and shop without needing to visit the physical store. “A few months ago, we thought it would be a good idea to create an online store featuring all the products we carry since a lot of people are busy out on site, on their farm, etc, shared Jenn Greschner. “Since the online store has been created, we’ve found we are getting more foot traffic because our items are easily searchable online. Online ordering is very easy, but it’s always nice to have someone come in so we can answer their questions and give them the best advice possible on specific items they need for their projects.

Another reason to create their online store stemmed from a common challenge faced by their employees, clients, and peers in the trades industry: the need to travel to the city to find items at a fair price. “We also had the same issue,” explained Jenn. “So, it was a pretty simple decision to stock the items people need and sell them at the same price you’d pay in the city. Our goal is to save everyone the time and fuel travelling for two or more hours to stock up on items they need to keep working. We had the space to create the store after some rearranging and got to work right away installing display shelving and stocking items.”

Dennis’ Welding also receives a lot of special requests and always finds a way to accommodate what people need. “The more obscure the request, the more excited we get about the challenge to find it, and at a fair price. Recently, we had a customer come in and ask if we could get prescription reading safety glasses, shaded for torch cutting. After a few hours of searching and phone calls, we found the product and contacted the customer with pricing. He was very happy and ordered two pairs.”

In addition to launching their online store and accommodating special requests, they have also expanded their product range by successfully producing their own Dennis’ Welding brand of Fire Retardant (FR) clothing which is currently in stock and will soon have FR shirts for the summer!

So whether you visit or stop in to the store, you can be sure you will find what you need as Dennis’ Welding remains dedicated to quality and service!

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