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A Church History

Well, I’ve got another book off the presses!

Or is that merely printed – with the “press” being a glorified photocopier in a warehouse in Bolton, Ontario.

Thanks to Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing, I have been able to get a paperback book into the hands of eager readers – or relatives who can’t resist my sales pitch or friends who feel they have to buy the book even though they may not read it.

Living 20/20: The Kindersley Alliance Church in Perspective – the Reference Volume. The book is about 80 years of social and spiritual activity here in Kindersley.

The process took about six months.

I love to research! So I visited the church here in Kindersley, then branched out to the archives in the denominational district office. I then contacted some of those who had a direct impact on the church over the years.

I ran across some great rumours and juicy stories – none of which got published. What did get published is taken directly from other published records. Attempting to avoid “fake news/history” is always the discipline of those who write history.

In the midst of this research and writing, I also prepared some “factoids” for the Kindersley Alliance Church weekly bulletin. Just fun incidents that gave a face to the facts.

Like. . . The church’s first building was built on Third Avenue West just off main street. The decision to build and partial plan for the building was approved at a church board meeting in October, 1942. In late December they held their first service in the building. Not everything was done, but there was a roof over their heads and heat in the furnace.

For myself, this has been a personal journey – one which brought me to sad days and to glad days and every emotion in between.

Sad Days?

Pastors whose ministry was less than appreciated. Parishioners who felt slighted by the church and left. I miss people who have died – whose lives were pillars in the church and mentors in my life.

Glad Days?

A strong program over the years to tell people about Jesus – with missionaries going to Africa, Asia, and around the globe. Stable programs for youth, seniors, children – basically all ages groups. A community mindset that manifested in helping with programs for feeding others, providing a soccer field, opening the facility for programs that benefitted the regional community. A strong arts and music program that allowed people to grow in their skills.

And personally?

My grandfather opened his farm dugout for the first baptismal service. My uncle Robert and wife Jean were the first ones married in the church building. My father served on the church board from 1950-1955. I was born in 1953 and church was one of those places I went when I was still in diapers. I came to my first ministry position here at Kindersley Alliance Church in 1976 – 1980. I finished my ministry here as senior pastor from 2005 – 2015. And I’m still attending now that I have retired. Oh, and I also have my burial plot in the local cemetery

Birth to death – why not?

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