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From our latest issue: Hubris, Hysteria, Humour and Humility

By Ron Baker.

You just know that I have to touch on the pandemic chaos!

There seem to be four ways that we are responding. Hubris, Hysteria, Humour and Humility.

All definitions are my own wording, based on numerous researched sites and with a bit of bias towards making my point.

Hubris: (noun) “excessive defiance of the creator/gods, pride and self-confidence.”

I have watched the parade of pronouncements. While accepting that there is mystery in what is happening, there is a defiance that says: “We will figure this out, we will contain it, we will return our world to normal.” Humans will figure this out, without the help of anyone else.

Hysteria: (noun) “mass exaggeration or uncontrollable emotion.

Enough said?

Humour: (noun – Canadian spelling) “1) to be amused by the situation; 2) to comply with restrictions no matter how unreasonable, in order to please others and maintain a semblance of order.”

The memes that have arisen in this crisis time have been funny, pointed, acerbic and even hurtful. Comedy at its best and worst! Meanwhile, in order to humour the authorities, people have complied with demands that they find unreasonable. The net result for those in this situation has been a detachment from community and authorities.

Humility: (noun) “not being proud while maintaining a truthfully modest opinion of yourself.”

I tend to find this quality admirable in the midst of crisis.


You do not know everything.
You do not fear everything.
You do not dismiss everything.


You live in the mystery of the creator
You live in the love of a comforter
You live in the service of others

In my humble opinion!

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