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Recreational Opportunities Slim, but Present for Kindersley Residents

By Mallorie Rast

While many recreational places still await Phase 4 to open, there are still a few options available for the public to enjoy during these first few days of summer.

The Kinderlsey Plains and District Museum and the Kindersley Library are two places that still have their doors closed. “The decision is still up in the air on whether we will have a season this year or not,” the district museum noted when contacted for a statement, adding that further board meetings will need to take place before a formal statement could be released.

The Kinderlsey Library is in the same situation, forcing them to make the tough decision to cancel all summer programs for 2020. Marilyn Shea, librarian for the Kindersley Library noted that while it was a positive thing that libraries were included in Phase 4, the uncertainty of the release date made it difficult to make any plans for the future. A Facebook post on May 28th noted that will be kept up to date with new crafts or activities and requested that all library patrons continue to hold their library books at home until further notice.

Fortunately, there are still outdoor options available as the Town of Kindersley noted that the Motherwell Dam is open for bikers, walkers, and dog walkers alike. Visitors are still asked to enjoy nature safely by observing social distancing and staying home if they feel unwell.

Campers and adventurers can now rejoice as provincial parks recently opened for overnight stays. “While some restrictions remain in place for now, there is still plenty of opportunity to make this camping season a safe and memorable one.” Gene Makowsky, the Minister for Parks, Culture and Sport noted in the May 29th press release.

The restrictions Makowsky mentioned in his statement include social distancing of two meters and the mandatory closing of beaches, swimming pools, playgrounds and public laundry and shower facilities.

Additional information, including common questions and answers about the 2020 camping season, can be found at

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