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Kindersley Firefighters Take Part in Extrication Training Over the Weekend

Kindersley Firefighters had a busy weekend, spending Friday, Saturday, and Sunday taking part in a 20-hour Level-I Extrication program.

The Level-I Extrication program is designed to provide the Department with the skills necessary to perform a vehicle extrication/rescue in a safe and expedient manner while using a variety of tools and techniques. By utilizing the Incident Command System, crew members were given the opportunity to use extrication equipment in a safe and controlled environment.

For some members, this was their first time taking this course, for others it was a weekend spent upgrading their current skills.

Subjects covered a wide range of topics such as new vehicle technology and how to stabilize a vehicle by using a number of real-world situations. The crew also focused on working around casualties while ensuring the best possible outcome. Time was spent learning about the safe use of tools and techniques, including “working/thinking outside the box” in the instance of unforeseen circumstances such as extreme weather.

In a real-life rescue situation, vehicles can be both problematic and dangerous to a firefighter. Vehicle stabilization is necessary during an extrication, as it could be on its roof, side, in water, snow, or mud. While the goal is always to get an injured person out as safe and quick as possible, crew members may have to spend time removing components of the vehicle to reach an injured person.

The Department always takes their training seriously–their programs are a full 20 hours and meet NFPA standards. When faced with preforming a rescue, it can sometimes be stressful; this recent course will aid crew members in remaining calm, and remembering to move methodically through the extrication process.

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