Librarian Marilyn Shea Enjoys Helping People

By Joan Janzen

Marilyn Shea has worked as a librarian at the Kindersley Branch of Wheatland Regional Library since 1988. She has met a lot of people during all those years. “And now I’m meeting the kids of the people that came to story time when I first started here,” she said, adding, “It’s the people I enjoy the most.”

Marilyn grew up just south of Kindersley, attending grades 1-7 at Glidden and grades 8-12 at Kindersley. “I took a course in Saskatoon called library technician and then worked at Saskatoon public library for almost two years, before moving back to Kindersley,” Marilyn explained. Prior to working at the Kindersley library, Marilyn worked at the library at Westberry School.

The most significant change Marilyn has seen since she began working at the library was the introduction of computers to the work place. “When I started everything was done by hand. Now it’s different work, but not less work. There’s a lot of paper work.” she said.

Two years ago, Marilyn and her husband moved into town, but for many years she lived ten miles from town, driving to work in all kinds of inclement weather. “Sometimes I went home when I shouldn’t have,” she admitted, “But there was only about six or seven days that I didn’t get home.”

Marilyn is not only surrounded by books at the library, but she’s also an avid reader. “I love to read! I’ll read almost anything,” she said.

Besides reading, Marilyn belongs to the Kindersley Integrated Children’s Services and the Kindersley Integrated Networking group, attending meetings and helping out in the community.

As of September 1st, the Kindersley library resumed its regular hours of operation, although only ten patrons are permitted in the building at one time. Also, used book sales, computers and washrooms are closed to patrons. Nevertheless there are new events coming up for people to enjoy.

People can pre-register for a zoom meeting where a German conversation group celebrates German Language Day. There’s also virtual Money Matters sessions coming up which include subjects such as business development and healthy habits of financial management.

Kindersley and area residents are pleased that the library is offering these zoom meetings, and are happy to have the library open its doors once again. “It’s amazing how many people are saying they sure missed the library and missed reading books. I was amazed at how many people signed up for e books. People did find ways to read without having to go out and buy them,” Marilyn said.

Not only are patrons of the library relieved to see the library open, but they’re also happy to come in and enjoy a visit with Marilyn.

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