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Kindersley RCMP Remind Public About Requesting ID From Police Officers During Traffic Stops

Kindersley RCMP is aware of rumors circulating in the community and on social media regarding three recent traffic incidents on Highway #21.

On November 2, 2020, Kindersley RCMP received and investigated two complaints and one report.

The first complainant advised they were pulled over following a headlight-flashing exchange on October 27, 2020, around 7 p.m., on Highway #21 between Kindersley and Glidden, SK, by a black pick-up truck with red and blue flashing lights located in the grill of the truck. The male driver of the truck, approximately in his early 20s, was wearing a light grey-green jacket and did not identify himself. The male driver of the truck verified the complainant’s license, discussed the headlight exchange and departed.

Kindersley RCMP investigated this first complaint and determined Kindersley RCMP officers were not involved in this exchange. As part of our investigation, we are currently verifying with neighbouring detachments and partner agencies who has vehicles with such flashing lights and could have pulled over the first complainant. This investigation is ongoing.

Anyone with information regarding this first incident is encouraged to contact Kindersley RCMP at 306-463-4642.

The second complainant advised they had to stop their vehicle in the middle of the Highway on November 1, 2020, around 7 p.m., on Highway #21 near Eatonia, SK, after a black pickup truck with no flashing lights passed them and stopped in front on them to block the road. An older male, approximately in his 60s, wearing an orange hoodie and a red hat, came out of the truck to talk to the complainant. The complainant drove around the older male and his truck and continued driving. The black pickup truck followed the complainant until they left the Highway.

Kindersley RCMP investigated this second incident and determined it is unrelated to the first incident.

On November 2, 2020, Kindersley RCMP received information regarding a third vehicle and investigated it as well. A driver confirmed they saw on October 29, 2020, around noon, on Highway #21 near Kerrobert, SK, a grey car with two small white LED lights on the roof coming towards them as they were leaving the Highway. No interaction took place and no other vehicles were involved.

Kindersley RCMP investigated and determined the three incidents are unrelated. In an abundance of caution, Kindersley RCMP has increased its patrols in the area.

Residents can always request identification from the RCMP police officers they meet during a traffic stop. RCMP officers will always be carrying one, or all, of the following with them:

  • an RCMP badge
  • an RCMP photo identification
  • an RCMP name tag on their uniform
  • RCMP business cards with detachment phone numbers to verify their identity

To see pictures of the four official RCMP identification items a police officer can show you, visit: https://www.rcmp-grc.gc.ca/en/news/2020/non-medical-masks-rcmp-employees.

You can also call the local non-emergency RCMP police phone number 310-RCMP to confirm the identity of a police officer during a traffic stop. For emergencies, call 911.

In most non-emergency situations, the RCMP officer you are interacting with will be able to take the time to provide you with identification or information to confirm they are an RCMP officer.

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