Council for Wallace Stegner House Reaching Out for Support

As with most towns and cities across Canada, the valley town of Eastend, located in southwest Saskatchewan around 55 km north of the U.S. border, has faced some hardships during the COVID-19 pandemic and Wallace Stegner’s childhood home is one of the places in need of help.

Stegner was a renowned environmentalist and Pulitzer prize winner and his home, which he lived in from age 7 to 12, serves as one of Canada’s first artist/writer residency programs. The house stands as a remarkable model for what “living heritage” can be in Canada, and over the last 30 years it has hosted over 250 artists and writers from around the world.

However, due to the pandemic, the council was not able to put on the annual fundraiser that funds the program as writer residencies in Canada do not qualify for operational funding.

As with all historic buildings, there is always something that needs repairing and now the council is trying to maintain the 103-year-old building, a roof that needs repair and dealing with a loss of rental income. So it is turning to the community for help.

The council has started a GoFundMe campaign and people are asked to donate what they can. If a donation is made in memory of a loved one, the council says their name will be recognized on its website and they’ll also become a part of the house’s legacy.

To find the campaign visit or go to and click the “support” button in the top right.

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