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Local Luseland Resident Honored With RBC Award

Local Luseland resident Colby Reschny’s drive and passion for helping others are more apparent than ever as she was the recent recipient of the RBC Royal Performance Convention. This award is given to the top Investment & Retirement Planners in the country, and to advisors delivering an exceptional client experience and excelling at acquiring client relationships.

During her 12 year career at RBC, Reschny has been the recipient of this award not once but twice. However, the banking world wasn’t where she thought she would end up but only envisioned it as a stepping stone to get here to where she wanted to be. “I chose this career path to get some experience in both personal and business banking as I always dreamed of starting my own business. I figured the banking background would be an important skill for me down the road. I grew up with entrepreneurial parents and I always envisioned myself in a similar light and following their footsteps.”

It turns out as she grew to learn the business of banking and began connecting with her clients, her career path quickly shifted. “It didn’t take long for me to realize how much I loved connecting with people and getting to know them. It made me feel good when I knew I made a difference in their lives with the advice I provided.

Being a certified financial planner, Reschny gets to know her clients and after learning their goals, she creates a unique financial plan so that they can have peace of mind around their finances. “A lot of my clients are self-employed which may require more complex strategies,” says Reschny.

RBC has also acted as a springboard for Reschny to further her education and experiences. “One of my favourite moments was getting to experience our office in London, England. I was invited alongside 18 of my colleagues to meet with our CIO and the top portfolio managers in the world.”

But when asked about her favourite part of her job, she doesn’t mention meeting with some of the top players in the industry, instead, she sticks close to home. “My favourite part about my job is getting to know people and knowing I am impacting their life. I am passionate about investments and creating an investment plan that is dynamic and emphasizes risk management. What I love most about my job is the opportunity to work hard, give back to our community. It’s also having the support of many colleagues that have always encouraged and recognized my efforts.”

So where does Reschny see herself in another 12 years? “I can see myself having a long and tenured career as a Financial Planner in the West Central Saskatchewan area. I think it’s so neat that I’m able to see clients through so many stages in their lives. I have celebrated milestones, and grieved in times of loss. That’s what is so special to me.”

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