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Local Photographer Captures Incredible Wildlife Moments

Anyone who comes across Tyler Benjaminson’s wildlife photos can see he has incredible talent. What’s more impressive, is he has only been taking these photos since December 2019 and is completely self-taught.

“I bought my first entry camera and from there kinda just taught myself all the settings on how to use it properly for the different animals I encounter.”

However, it didn’t take Benjaminson long to catch on and he was soon upgrading his equipment. “I quickly realized I was gonna need a big zoom lens so I could really take advantage of the animals I encountered.”

Along the way, Benjamison has faced a few hurdles, but rather than being deterred, he uses these as learning experiences. “I always say for every good shot you get there are about 50 failures. I take pictures of wildlife and more often than not they don’t cooperate, but that’s probably the part I enjoy the most, the challenge.”

Benjaminson decided to start taking photos of wildlife mainly due to his busy life in the outdoors, and his early days hunting with his dad. “The older I get, the more interested I am in enjoying the moments a guy can have out in the country just watching the animals. It’s far more than just hunting for me, that’s why I got a camera–to capture all the cool stuff I get to see daily.”

From moose to porcupines, his photography showcases a wide range of prairie wildlife. When asked what his favorite photo is, he explained that it’s hard to choose. “There have been some moments I may never get to capture again. If I had to choose I would probably say photographing a fox, with the perfect coat of fur, mousing. The bright orange color with all the snow made for a perfect background, plus it might be the only time I get to see that.”

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