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To Beagle or Not to Beagle, That Is a Hummer of a Question!

Here at Sonshine Kennels we are privy to the secret lives/quirks of many dogs. Perhaps one of the most entertaining and personable is the Beagle.

Check out their unique characteristics which make them very endearing .

That thoughtful look on a beagle’s face? And it’s not just a look: beagles are a genuinely
smart breed. That ability to focus? It can also mean that your beagle takes a single-
minded interest in things (like that food she smells from a mile away). Because they are mild-mannered, affectionate, and happy dogs, we might assume that beagles would prefer lives of silent, sedentary contemplation.

These dogs are hunting hounds bred to catch a scent and run long distances, and they
do best when they’re taken on long walks (or several walks), and given a chance to run
and explore their environment through smell.

These scent hounds also have a tendency to be stubborn, but can be easily motivated
by treats. And since they are so food motivated, they will typically eat food whenever it
is available, regardless of how much they have already eaten. You might also need to
watch your garbage, cat litter, and even old food encountered on the sidewalk. A beagle
is not as discriminating as you might think!

Like all hunting dogs, beagles have an acute sense of smell, and you must keep an
equally keen eye on your beagle if he or she picks up a scent. Once used for rabbit
hunting, a beagle will lock on and focus exclusively… meaning they’ll turn off their
hearing and won’t listen to your calls to come back. We call that beagle personality
quirk selective deafness. A home with a fenced yard can give your beagle a chance to
explore with his nose, without running off to catch an interesting scent without you.
You know that image of Snoopy laying on top of his doghouse? Those soulful eyes are
saying, “I want to run! Take me out!”

The good news: beagles are fast friends. Even if you have an older pet or a beagle
rescue dog, this breed is ultimately easy to win over, despite an initial wariness toward

Because of this, the beagle personality is easy to embrace. Creating a rapport and
enjoying time together shouldn’t be too hard
Another bonus: beagles are great with kids, making them ideal family dogs. They also
get along well with other pets.

Beagles have a beautiful, short coats of thick hair that needs to be brushed weekly, and
more during shedding season. Beagles, although their owners sometimes don’t notice
it, are also rumored to have a distinct smell. Some don’t mind it, but some do. If it
bothers you, you might need to regularly bathe your beagle to keep the scent at bay.

The beagle’s life expectancy is typical for a dog of its size: 10-15 years, aside from all of their perks and peculiarities, beagles are, above all, great companions. If a rewarding relationship with your dog is what you’re looking for, a beagle is a
wonderful choice.

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