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Chamber Creates Attraction Portfolio

We know we live in a great town. 

Kindersley is a place where your commute to work is short giving you back your time, and it’s a place filled with fantastic, locally owned businesses.

With more and more people looking to move away from cities coupled with the growing ability to work online, Kindersley provides the perfect opportunity for a lifestyle change.

“Kindersley, the biggest town in Saskatchewan, invites you and your family to what we feel is the best place to work from home, start your dream business and raise your family. Here you can do it with an amazing life/work balance,” says Rick Miller, Kindersley Chamber and District President.

It’s because of these facts, that together with the Kindersley & District Chamber of Commerce we have released an attraction brochure, which is filled with the great opportunities Kindersley has to offer.

“The attraction portfolio is a collaboration with Kindersley Social and the Chamber of Commerce to attract people to our great town. People should consider moving here because there are so many opportunities to run their own business, whether that means buying an established one or starting their own. We also have a very family-minded community, with lots of after school activities and sports for kids to become involved in. There is also the added bonus of working from home, with the shift in the workplace landscape more and more companies are recognizing that employees can work remotely from anywhere, so with the low cost of living combined with the many opportunities here, why not move to Kindersley,” says Jeff Soveran, Vice President, Kindersley Chamber of Commerce.

Filled with history, facts, photos, and messages from the Mayor, the portfolio is a great resource to entice your “out of town” family and friends to come join us!

Visit http://www.kindersleychamber.com/attraction-portfolio to take a look!

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