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Jennifer Bews Empowers Others Through Hindsight2020

Inspiring and bringing people together is at the root of what Jennifer Bews does through Jennifer Bews Events + Marketing.

With over ten years of experience in marketing, communications, and events, Bews has worked in diverse industries, including advertising, not-for-profit organizations, hospitality, sporting events and homebuilding.

Following her maternity leave and in response to a year of crisis and stress, Bews decided to host an online well-being conference, a first for her business. Hindsight2020 was created for a chance to come together in a new way. Over two days, February 24th and 25th, the conference will bring together some of Canada’s most inspirational leaders and local Saskatchewan talent, who will share their experiences during a different and difficult year.

What inspired you to open/create this business?
I have always had a love for gathering people together. I think it partly stems from growing up in two large families. Both of my grandmothers were always gathering us together. There were heaps of laughter and fun to be had with my cousins. I’ll always cherish the times I had with them. And then over the years I always enjoyed planning small gatherings with friends. We would come together to celebrate milestones, weekends or whatever. Breaking bread and laughing along with others is such a special thing. Sometimes I would plan gatherings and be busy in the kitchen or running around making sure people were comfortable, so I wouldn’t end up getting to visit much myself, but my heart flutters a bit when I see others enjoying themselves…enjoying each other. To know that I helped create a space for others to feel good makes me feel good.

Has this always been your passion, or did you envision yourself doing something different?
Honestly, it’s so hard as you are growing to decide on what your “passion” is. It seems at a young age you’re expected to know exactly what you want in life and to figure out what your purpose or passion is. For me, it is constantly evolving. I’ve decided I don’t need to have it all figured out. I just need to continue to do the things that feel good to me. That always leads me in the right direction. And it changes all the time.

What challenges have you had along the way?
Hmmm, that’s a tough one. I’m sure there have been many, but challenges always end up steering you in a different direction or encourage you to move on from something, so I’d say the challenges have been just as amazing as the wins.

What has been your proudest moment/achievement?
Being in the event and marketing industries has opened many doors and allowed me to meet so many incredible people. I still remember in my Event Management course we had a competition throughout the year to see who could get the most business cards. I came in on the last day of class with stacks of cards. I LOVE to meet new people. And to me, those are the BEST achievements. Making new friends, expanding your own knowledge and circle with people who think a bit differently than you.

What plans do you have for the future?
I hope to do many more events like Hindsight2020 in the future. And hopefully someday soon, IN PERSON. That’s magic.

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