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Kindersley Players Bring New Lighting to the Norman Ritchie Centre

Thanks to the Kindersley Players, there have been a few changes at the Norman Ritchie Centre, all in preparation for when we can attend concerts and theatre again.

The Kindersley Players have been entertaining audiences for more than 30 years with their one-of-a-kind dinner theatres. Over the years, they have been saving towards the construction of a new building, however, with the possibility of a new theatre not currently on the cards, Kindersley Players have put their money back into the place they call
home–the Norman Ritchie Centre.

Recently the group purchased new permanent stage lighting which is not only an improvement to the centre itself but is a huge plus for all future acts that will be using the centre.

For years, the stage lighting has been mounted on stands that need to be placed and adjusted for every performance or event. With the new state-of-the-art lighting, this $30,000 investment brings the facility into the 21st century with amazing capabilities to add depth to every live performance and event the NRCC hosts. An added bonus in the installation process was that Riley, who is the lighting coordinator at the Conexus Arts Centre in Regina (laid off due to COVID) collaborated with Bruce Lozinsky from Christi’s so there was a high level of expertise involved!

Bruce also offered some training to the Light Tech with the NRCC since the system is incredibly advanced from the previous one, and the Kindersley Players are considering booking Bruce for further training as needed or requested.

If you would like to take some pictures, talk about ideas or discuss the other improvements to the Norman Ritchie Centre please get in touch with Judy Lavoie from the Kindersley Players at Judy.l@sasktel.net

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For the latest information and for more updates on everything Kindersley,
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