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Kindersley Chamber Sets up GoFundMe for West Central Healing Centre

The West Central Crisis Centre has been making great progress with their West Central Healing Centre.

However, at the moment the project as a whole is on pause due to financial pressures. Looking to help, the Kindersley Chamber of Commerce hopes to raise $7,500 through a GoFundMe page so the roof can be papered and shingled.

“We need to protect what has been finished so far,” said Rick Miller, President of the Kindersley Chamber of Commerce. “We are looking for any monetary help so we can put the shingles on.”

Michelle Weber, Executive Director & All Crisis Teams of the West Central Crisis Centre also shared a little more about the Healing Centre, how they hope it will help others in the area, and how thankful they are for the support of the community.

“West Central Crisis Staff and Clients would like to thank the public and businesses for their invested interest expressed in our development and operational expansion as an agency.

Our new building development needed to be put on construction hold due to financial pressures triggered by the COVID-19 pandemic and fallout pressures.

As you can see, some of our pivotal tasks were not completed before the snow flew, leaving us with an unfinished roof.

We have local community members assisting us with the roof competition, and we are thankful beyond words for the generous support.

This first building is the Operational Hub and Children’s emergency bed spaces, there will be four more buildings to follow.

The completion of development will complete the first-ever inclusive
West Central Healing Centre serving :

*all ages
*all demographics
*victims, survivors & offenders
*all those requesting services
*residential and non-residential

Kindersley’s Crisis Centre is the hub for more than 30,000 residents in West Central Saskatchewan and exciting new services will be further announced in the coming months through local and provincial media.

Thank you for standing behind us as we continue to grow our services so we can serve the public. Thank you, to everyone, for your continuous support–most recently helping to put shingles on our new home.”

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