Richmound Arena Online Auction Kicks off April 1st!

As it often happens with older buildings, the Richmound rink is currently in need of large amounts of structural work, so the Board has decided to start an online auction fundraiser to raise money towards the costs, which kicks off April 1st!

Board members have been busy canvassing Richmound’s local businesses for donations, but they are still looking for more and will be taking donations until the end of the auction, which is April 21st. Local businesses are reminded that not only is contributing to the auction a great way to gain some exposure, but donations are eligible for a taxable donation receipt!

For those wishing to donate, you will able to add your items to the Facebook page on April 1st. Please include a photo of the item, approximate value, name of the donor and any other associated stipulations (for example, who covers shipping costs, pick up, delivery, minimum bids, any other costs that may come with the item donated).

It is also important to forward your mailing address to Jessica Davis by call or text at 306-661-7852 or email at Please contact Wade Welte or any other arena member if you are able to help out.

The Board wishes to extend a huge thank you to everyone who has contributed so far, the complete list of items and people who made the donations will be out soon.

For the latest information and for more updates on everything Kindersley ‘Like’ the Kindersley Social Facebook page below…

For the latest information and for more updates on everything Kindersley,
‘Like’ the Kindersley Social Facebook page!

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