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Kindersley Chamber Interview Series: Shannon Preus

The Kindersley & District Chamber of Commerce has teamed up with the TEN to provide a series of videos featuring local and well-known businesspeople as inspirational educational material for students in Kindersley & the area.

The dream is free; the hustle is sold separately.  Watch this video if you want to start your own business!

How are your finances?  Do you have enough?  Do you know enough?  All new businesses need some kind of capital, at least to get going.  Make sure you have that part of your dream covered!  Shannon knows.

Shannon Preus – If you are low or nil on the financing side of your new business, Shannon can help you with that. He’s with BDC (Business Development Bank of Canada) and he knows his way around financing!  If the local banks, etc. can’t help, then BDC may be for you.  Always get as much information as you can.  The Kindersley Chamber of Commerce is a good resource also.  306-463-2320.

You can view the films as they are released on our website or on the Chambers’ YouTube channel.

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For the latest information and for more updates on everything Kindersley,
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