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Sun West School Division Releases Apology Over Outlook Elementary School Sign

Sun West School Division No. 207, recently released an apology on Facebook and Twitter after Outlook Elementary School placed a message about farming on their school sign.

“Sun West apologizes to the community in Outlook and the agriculture community in general for the message placed on the sign at Outlook Elementary School on May 24th. The message was unfair to the agricultural industry and we understand why many people, especially those whose livelihood comes from farming, found it offensive. Sun West is a rural school division and deeply committed to agriculture. We offer a variety of courses in agriculture and our students participate in programs that promote agriculture. Sun West enjoys a number of very positive and productive partnerships with agriculture industry stakeholders and it is our goal to improve agricultural literacy in our school division,” read the apology.

In addition to Sun West School Division releasing an apology on Facebook, Outlook Elementary School also included the above message on their Facebook account.

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