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A Little Bit About Our Mental Health Fitness Writer, Holly McCorriston

Holly McCorriston is a born-and-raised Kindersley native and former community pharmacist that has shifted gears out of the healthcare field. After her own lifelong struggle with physical and mental health issues, she underwent a personal journey of transformation that has led her to become an advocate for holistic trauma healing and nervous system regulation. Holly firmly believes more people need to know: “You are not your diagnosis and your body is not the enemy!” Now in her business as a life coach and mental fitness trainer, she works with outwardly strong and independent women secretly struggling with stress and anxiety to overcome the guilt and shame keeping them stuck, sick, and small in their lives, health, and relationships.

A young child afraid of going to overnight camp without her mother, Holly has grown up to hula hoop all over the world on cruise ships while hosting groups of international solo travelers. The CEO and CBR (Chief Belly Rubs) of her company are a pair of snuggly house cats that have been with her since 2009 and 2010 respectively. She rounds out her employees with a 12-year-old tiny domestic house fox (Pomeranian) that makes sure everyone’s reflexes work well by acting as Captain Underfoot. Holly loves to hang out on Instagram where she shares free content on mental fitness, trauma healing, and photos of her furry employees.

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