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Cartoon Face Apps Cause Privacy Concerns

You may have seen the latest internet craze where an app can turn one of your old photos into a cartoon.

Voila AI Artist is the newest of the popular face-changing apps. At the time of writing, it is currently the number one free app in the App Store.

However, security expert Ritesh Kotak told Global News this app could be threatening to your security as it could be taking more than just your picture.

“If you had your location-enabled when that photograph was taken, it will actually give you the latitude and longitude, in some cases, even the altitude of where that photo was taken, and that information gets uploaded to a server — in this case, the one run by this organization — and now they got access to that information,” Kotak said.

The company has since fired back, addressing their privacy policy online after saying they’ve received concerns.

“We do not retain your sensitive personal information for longer than is required for the purposes for which the information may be lawfully used.”

“For any other content, we will entertain your request for deletion, however, there is a strong possibility that copies of any personal content will be retained indefinitely in our systems,” said Voila.

There is no evidence that this app is using the data for anything untoward but, people should be aware that their data is being shared and should know how to avoid any cyberattacks.

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