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Churches Contribute to Our Local Economy

By Ron Baker

Churches pay for themselves.

I recently completed a podcast with Mike Wood Daly of the Halo Project research projectThis research began in the Toronto area, but has now expanded to smaller centres across the country. Their completed research shows that faith organizations in Canada bring a social benefit to their community. Check them out at

In the past, the question has been – how do you quantify that social benefit? Can you put a dollar sign on that?

Well, the answer is, YES!

At the moment, for every dollar of a church’s budget, there is an average of $4.77 benefit that the organization provides to the community. Using the Halo Project calculator, the churches of Kindersley have a “halo benefit” of $6.29 million dollars in our local economy.

What does the Halo Benefit include (this listing is not exhaustive)?

Open Space – free parking lots, gardens, play structures.

Operational budgets – local capital spending, special projects and maintenance.

Education – nursery schools, day care, alternative schools

Magnet effect – additional people who come to the area for weddings, conferences, funerals, confirmation, baptisms, artistic performances, religious festivals, exhibits, anniversaries.

Direct Impact – suicide prevention, job assistance, crime prevention, helping end substance abuse, promoting pro-social values, preventing divorce, helping end abusive relationships.

Community Development – job training, housing initiatives, lending programs, small business promotion, food security.

Social Capital and Care – Volunteer time for both congregational initiatives and social programs, social program space and facility usage, social programs in-kind support.

Kindersley churches have been abundant in these supports over the years. Dig into social programs in the area and you will find church support and individual member participation. Church facilities in town have been used for much more than just Sunday worship services. Strong social values of justice and compassion have emanated from churches.

I am proud to be a part of the impact that local churches have on this community.

Feel free to commend this valuable service to those around you. And take time to thank those who make this happen!

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