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Ross Bowden Shares Feel Good Christmas Story

Recently Ross Bowden reached out to share that he was reminded of a feel-good story thanks to a Facebook “memory” that popped up on his newsfeed and thought it was perfect for the holiday season (or anytime really).

He shared that a ‘Twiddle Muff’ was handmade by a local Kindersley talent L.J. The creator, who wishes to remain anonymous then gifted the Twiddle Muff to the Heritage Manor in the hopes it helps a loved one in need of a healthy distraction.

“Sine then, L.J has delivered many more good acts and deserves to be celebrated,” shared Bowden. “Thank you, for your timely handiwork!”

Twiddle muffs are soft tubes that offer a variety of textures and objects attached to the inside. “Muffs” because they are the shape and size of muffs that people sometimes use to keep warm. “Twiddle” because that’s the muffs’ purpose: they give recipients items to stroke and fiddle with – aka “twiddling.” One of the unfortunate effects of dementia is anxiety or agitation, so Twiddle Muffs give their restless hands something to focus on.

If you would like to create your own Twiddle Muff, you can find a free pattern here.

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