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WCA: The People Behind the Work

Team Member Testimonial

The people behind the work, those who deliver and are enhancing human services. These are the people that have dedicated their life’s work in assuring individuals experiencing disabilities will have a life of meaning, feel safe to make choices, to accept and transcend their differences.  At WCA our astounding staff team support a shared vision of empowering individuals to make choices, experience fulfilment, and to enjoy full citizenship.  We come together to serve our community, advocating for acceptance, and are leading the way of transformed experiences. There is no greater gift than people supporting people!

Linda Peterson, Residence Manager

I could not imagine doing anything else or working anywhere other than here at West Central Abilities.  I am the type of person that finds joy in helping other people even if it is just in the simple little things.  I am the cheerleader “We’re number one”! It’s easy to be upbeat when you love what you do. This kind of career really allows you to open up and develop empathy and compassion and to always want to do better everyday. I’ve worked in this sector for more than 30 years and 24 of those years here at West Central Abilities. I will be honest that it has not always been easy, but with the gift of experience it has become much, much, easier. I have been lucky enough to have worked with the same co-manager for my entire career at WCA. We can depend on each other and trust that we will always get through the really hard stuff. There really is no other person I’d rather be working with than Lita! We get to be involved in helping individuals become more independent, help them to voice their own needs, to be their voice when they can’t speak, to advocate for them when the need arises. Sometimes people with disabilities face obstacles and barriers that just don’t exist for other people. 

I love that we get to work with individuals in a long-term setting. It allows us to see them evolve and grow in creative ways, to learn to communicate in ways so that other people can see them and hear them clearly, to overcome things that have been challenges, to form strong bonds that create a found family.

West Central Abilities has allowed me to grow, to train and learn new skills, to become a leader, to become an educator and to be a part of a most exceptional team. I have made lifelong friends and become part of the larger WCA family. It has been an honour and privilege to work with the best team of coworkers.

Photo Credit: WCA

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