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March is Agriculture Literacy Month in Saskatchewan

The Government of Saskatchewan has proclaimed March as Agriculture Literacy Month. Agriculture Literacy Month connects students across the province to agriculture through engaging presentations by industry volunteers.

“Educating youth about agriculture is an important part of strengthening the industry through understanding and connection,” Agriculture Minister David Marit said. “Presentations and sharing personal experiences help children understand the work that goes into producing the food we eat and creates an appreciation for the dedicated people that are part of the robust supply chain.”

For many years, Agriculture in the Classroom Canada has worked to bring agriculture education into classrooms across the nation.

“Agriculture Literacy Month provides Saskatchewan students with an important opportunity to learn about agriculture’s significant contribution to our province,” Education Minister Dustin Duncan said. “Agriculture plays a critical role in keeping our communities fed, maintaining a strong economy and providing future employment opportunities for students in a wide-range of areas.”

This year, the theme Connections in Agriculture will help students see how we are all connected to agriculture. Students will be encouraged to discover the countless people, from farm to table, that work in the world of agriculture to produce our food. Industry volunteers, including farmers, ranchers and professionals, will join classrooms to share presentations and personal experiences to help students realize how they are also connected to agriculture.

“We know that kids have questions about agriculture,” Agriculture in the Classroom Saskatchewan Executive Director Sara Shymko said. “Students are curious about where their food comes from, and we are so pleased to have volunteers from across the province getting involved and sharing their agriculture stories and experiences in classrooms. Together we are building personal connections and providing hands-on learning to help create an exciting and memorable learning experience for students.”

Over the last 10 years, Canadian Agriculture Literacy Month has reached over 42,000 students in over 1,500 schools in Saskatchewan with help from more than 2,000 volunteers.

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