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Town of Kindersley Reminds Residents of a few Bylaws

The Town of Kindersley has been reminding residents of a few bylaws, such as:

Parking or Stopping in a “Fire Lane” designated area can be dangerous for both the person parked and those in an emergency situation. Registered owners of vehicles can be issued tickets amounting to $250 ($100 if paid within 10 days from violation). Please be aware of “Fire Lane” areas around stores and public facilities.

Every person shall keep the lid of the waste and recycle cart tightly closed. It shall be policy for the waste or recycle material not to be collected if the lid is not in the closed position. Bylaw 12-19, Section 6 Paragraph f. Contravention of any provision of Bylaw 12-19 may result in a fine.

Residents can find a full list of bylaws on the Town of Kindersley’s website.

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