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FoodMesh(Feed Kindersley) Update!

Some great things have been happening with the FoodMesh (Feed Kindersley) program in Kindersley.

The program works in conjunction with Buy-Low Foods Food. Food is collected four days a week, after it is sorted and prepared for people to pickup in the evening. This food is given out free of charge locally every Monday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday and has been delivered to many communities even over an hour away!

The group weights the food and tracks it into six categories: produce, grocery, bakery, meat/seafood, deli, and dairy. From January to date, $39,266 KG or 86,566 lbs. of food has been given a second chance. This converts to 72,200 meals provided and does not include food recovered from other businesses or private sources.

As FoodMesh continues to grow, if you are interested in volunteering one to two hours a week in the afternoon or evening, or are willing to help by being a contact to bring food to your area please contact Barbe Dunn 306-460-9304.

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