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Helping Saskatchewan People With Inflationary Pressures

All Saskatchewan Affordability Tax Credit (SATC) payments have been mailed to Saskatchewan residents age 18 and over who had filed their taxes before August 31, 2022, and had their correct address listed with the Canada Revenue Agency.

“Our government recognizes that costs for individuals and families have risen due to inflation. A growing economy, and a strong fiscal bottom line, allowed us to deliver one-time SATC payments of $500 to Saskatchewan residents, provide tax relief for businesses, and pay down debt. That’s growth that works for everyone,” Deputy Premier and Finance Minister Donna Harpauer said.

Late filers who filed after August and closer to the October 31, 2022 program deadline, and those who provided address change information will receive their cheques in the mail over the next two months. An estimated 900,000 SATC cheques may be mailed in total, depending on final numbers of late filers and those who changed addresses, at a total forecast cost of $450 million.

“Our province’s economy is strong and growing private sector forecasts expect Saskatchewan to lead the country in economic growth in 2022 and 2023,” Harpauer said.

The SATC payments are part of Government’s Four-Point Affordability Plan introduced in August. The plan also had gym and fitness memberships and recreational activities for youth remain Provincial Sales Tax (PST) exempt, and small businesses were helped by the one-year extension of the temporary small business tax rate reduction.

The province’s strong financial position also allows government to reduce borrowing and retire up to $1 billion in operating debt, resulting in lower interest costs allowing those savings to be invested into priority programs and services including health care, education and social safety nets.

Residents are encouraged to contact the SATC administration centre at or call 1-800-667-6102 if they have questions related to the SATC payment or are seeking to clarify the status of their cheque, including those who filed their tax return on time but have not received their SATC payment within the next week.

More information about the SATC is available online at:

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