In Like a Lion Out Like a Lamb?

While the adage “In like a lion out like a lamb” typically refers to the month of March, it may hold true for this winter’s forecast as well.

The start of winter in the west central area came roaring in at the start of November bringing a one, two, three punch of systems in a week. This was followed up in December with a few more systems and bitter artic cold. Winter was off to a strong start and those of us in Saskatchewan were pitted in and ready for a long winter season.

The New Year though has brought us a much milder winter than most were expecting. Warm temperatures have lingered and it’s a trend going through most of February as well. Makes winter a little easier to get through.

So, are we going to go out of winter like a lamb? Well, the end of February we a trending to return to some more typical Saskatchewan weather with a bit more of a stormy weather pattern and cold. We could see a rebound of the nicer temps in March but looking like a wetter weather pattern for West Central Saskatchewan

With a shift from La Nina to El Nino we could see a longer cooler spring that could bring us some much-needed moisture but it’s a little early to tell for sure if this will be the case. Typically, a El Nino pattern will bring us a milder winter, warmer temps and an active weather pattern.

What I tell people is to enjoy the beautiful weather while they can. It’s Saskatchewan after all so blink and that can change!

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