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SGI Provides Funding Boost to SADD Saskatchewan

Source: SGI

SGI is increasing its support to Students Against Drinking and Driving (SADD), to help the organization renew and expand its activities aimed at preventing impaired driving.

SGI will provide $85,000 in new annual funding to SADD Saskatchewan. Part of the funding will be used by SADD to create a new position specializing in school and community outreach, responsible for starting new chapters in schools across the province. The funding will also help support existing Saskatchewan chapters in developing and implementing new initiatives and ideas to encourage sober driving in their local communities.

“I’m pleased to see SGI provide additional support for SADD’s work to develop student leaders dedicated to stopping impaired driving,” said Don Morgan, Minister Responsible for SGI. “Involving young people in the work of promoting safe driving behaviours is essential to changing the culture of impaired driving in Saskatchewan.”

“Like many organizations, the COVID-19 pandemic hit us hard, with many chapters unable to operate,” said Meaghann White, SADD Saskatchewan Past-President. “With this funding, we hope to restore lapsed chapters and expand into new schools and First Nations communities. I would like to express our thanks and gratitude to Minister Morgan and SGI.”

While Saskatchewan has made substantial improvements over the past decade, impaired driving is still the leading cause of collision fatalities in the province, with the 19-24 age group having the largest proportion of impaired drivers. Engaging school-age youth helps establish and reinforce the importance of always finding a safe ride home and equips them to make good decisions as adults.

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