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SSD. Do I have it?

Just a morning or so ago I was told about SSD. This is a new thing that appears to go across the generational and racial spectrum. You can be young or old, of any nationality or ethnic background and have SSD.


Let me begin by acknowledging the newest member on our block. A baby was born in the last few days and we were glad to welcome him into the 6th Street Crescent block of Kindersley, Saskatchewan. His name is Caydence – with a “y”. The idea is that he will have rhythm and move in cadence and harmony for his life.

I believe most new parents are seeking for that cadence in their children. After a few weeks and months of trying to determine and affect their schedule, happiness springs forth when the child arises, eats, is active and then goes to sleep with some sort of regularity.

As the child grows older, the attempt is made to keep that type of schedule. Bedtime is determined as early in the evening, with the plan to sleep all night until the morning hour arrives (whenever that might be). When the child is interrupted in this schedule you can expect the rest of the world will be interrupted!!

Hopefully by young adulthood and into the middle ages and even the senior years this pattern of sleep regularity becomes a help and not a hindrance.

Of course we have all seen the opposite. A young adult wants to be out with friends. Although a work hour awaits them in the morning, they remain awake and active past their normal sleep hour. Dragging out of bed in the morning is unusual torture and repentance is quick until the next time the friends meet and greet and get together!

Middle age is not much different. By this time the realization has dawned that sleep is important for the functioning of their body. But work calls for additional hours, family obligations arise and the day can only stretch for 24 hours. One might feel that they had no choice but the result is still the same – and not a happy one at that.

As the senior years approach nodding off to sleep is much easier. The early evening can be established but then every few hours you are up. The washroom calls, or a noise is unexpected. For those of us in this era of life, we can find many distractions that create a dissonance in our sleep patterns!

Which brings us to Sleep Schedule Dissonance. I dare say we all have SSD. People of the world unite! We have a common ailment! We can stand united! Let us all be stretched to the limit of our daily lives – seeking for more joy in the midst of less sleep!

And just in case you wanted to know. This recently coined term was made up by Beth Summach, a dear friend of mine who is in her late teens. She explained the term having just experienced SSD. The day was not starting out well but as a victim she blamed that on SSD. Thus, you will not find this diagnosis in any medical book but I’m guessing all the doctors of the world have seen the symptoms!!

By Ron Baker

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