374 Impaired Provincial Drivers Caught in April

Last month, SGI put the spotlight on a program that encourages everyone to Report Impaired Drivers (RID), but the results from the April spotlight show that we haven’t been able to get RID of the idea of “one more for the road.”

Police recorded 374 offences related to impaired driving in April. This includes:

  • 179 people were issued Criminal Code charges
  • 195 people given administrative roadside licence suspensions

All impaired driving offences come with immediate licence suspensions, vehicle impoundments, impaired driving education programs and Safe Driver Recognition demerit points. The consequences become more severe if the driver exceeds Criminal Code limits, is a repeat offender and/or causes a collision that injures or kills someone.

The weather is ideal for sitting on a patio, but when the bar tab is paid, find a safe ride. Call a sober friend or family member, or take a bus, cab, rideshare or designated driving service. Driving impaired is not an option.

Other results from April’s traffic spotlight included:

  • 448 tickets for seatbelt and occupant restraint offences;
  • 4,991 tickets for speeding and aggressive driving offences; and
  • 730 tickets for distracted driving, including 649 for using a cellphone while driving.

Impaired driving is also SGI’s Traffic Safety Spotlight in May.

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