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KFD Talks About Summer Training

Hello, Cody Phinney back for another update from the Kindersley Fire Brigade.

Summertime is rapidly approaching, so as a result Kindersley Fire cuts our training nights back a bit. We typically swap to a twice-a-month schedule for the summer months to help give our members a much needed break, especially after all the extra training and courses we’ve taken throughout the first half of the year! Our training nights will usually be outside at the training grounds or elsewhere around town if the weather permits. The second weekend of June a handful of our members will be in Swift Current to attend the Saskatchewan Association of Fire Chiefs annual conference. This conference is a great opportunity to meet and talk to members from other departments from across the province and to discuss the latest and greatest technology and tactics of firefighting. The conference typically consists of a tradeshow, seminars, and demonstrations. We will also have two of our members at the tradeshow showing off our PubEd trailer!

Summer is always a great opportunity to get outside and enjoy the sun! But too much sun and heat can quickly put a damper on your fun. Look out for signs of heat exhaustion and heat stroke before it becomes a serious problem. Heat exhaustion usually shows up with heavy sweating, nausea, muscle cramps, or cold clammy and pale skin. Sipping water and moving to a cool place can usually clear heat exhaustion up, but you should seek medical attention if you begin to throw up or your symptoms last more than an hour. Heat stroke is a more serious condition with symptoms ranging from high body temperature, loss of consciousness and confusion. If you or someone you know shows signs of heat stroke you should call 9-1-1 immediately and try to cool their body temperature down with a wet cloth or cool bath, but do not give the person anything to drink as they could suddenly choke on it due to their other symptoms.

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