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Eaton School’s Outdoor Learning Space Grabs National Attention

Eaton School’s Outdoor Learning space is grabbing national attention. This innovative project expands learning outside the walls of a traditional classroom allowing the children an opportunity to showcase their strengths in construction, coding, agriculture, horticulture, science, math, indigenous techniques, and imaginative play. Since its implementation in 2018 the project has been fully funded through grants and monetary donations and donated time and supplies. With 80% of Eaton students being naturalistic and kinaesthetic learners, they benefit a lot from this space.

The Canadian Playful Schools Network paid for three of the Eaton School teachers, Nichole Bredy, Clint Hayes, and Shelley Follensbee to come to present the innovations they have implemented in Ottawa last week with the $5,000 grant they received from the organization towards their ongoing project.

The students and staff at Eaton School have built greenhouses and planter boxes where they have planted native species of plants. They learn not only how to grow these plants but the variety of uses for the plants by integrating knowledge from First Nations experts, farming, and horticulture. The project gives them real-life skills in construction, effort and the hard work it takes.

One major innovative project is the fully automated solar-powered greenhouse system coded by grade six student Chase Guidinger with assistance from teacher Clint Hayes. It monitors humidity moisture and temperature levels and allows for optimal growing conditions adjusting temperature and water as needed. Eventually, the system will be able to be accessed and monitored remotely. Chase is highly skilled at coding and the project couldn’t be completed without his adept skills.

Eaton school continues to be progressive in their approach to learning. For a small town of around 500 people they make a big splash on a national scale in their approach to learning. Leading the way for the future of learning.

Click here, for an in-depth look at Eaton School’s participation in First Nations’ learning

By Jenny Hagan

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