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A Little About KCS’ 2023 Valedictorian Keaton Cote

Each year at Kindersley Social we catch up with the valedictorian of this year’s graduating class. This year, we were lucky enough to chat with Keaton Cote, who shared a little bit about himself and what he has in store after graduation.

–For those who may not know you, can you tell us a little bit about yourself.

My name is Keaton Cote, I spent all my years of school here in Kindersley! I love sports, whether it’s watching my buddies play baseball or hockey; or whether it’s playing golf and basketball, it’s what I enjoy spending my free time doing. Another one of my favourite things is being able to laugh and make jokes with the people close to me!

–What has been your favorite part of high school?

I like spending time in class with my friends and peers and being able to have fun. Gym class has always been my favourite because to me it doesn’t feel like a class, instead it more feels like free time playing sports.

–Biggest challenge?

The hardest part of high-school was when we didn’t have school due to the pandemic, and my friends and I didn’t get to hangout near as much, but we got into a routine and had one of the best summers we’ve ever had!

–What and where will you be studying next year?

Next year I am going to the University of Saskatchewan to take Commerce at Edwards School of Business.

–Why did you choose that subject and what are your future career goals and plans?

I chose commerce because I have always been interested in the numbers of running a business, as well as the accounting and management required to do so. I don’t have a direct path in mind after convocation, but a couple paths might be finance, accounting, or some sort of management hopefully!

–Advice for future grads?

Grade 12 flew by, faster than any grade, so enjoy it while it lasts! As well as try to make memories with your friends because you don’t exactly know what will come after graduation, have fun!

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