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Getting Around Town Again!

We all like to go out to the movies, or a meal with friends sometimes. Everyone needs to go shopping or to an appointment occasionally. What if you used a wheelchair and needed some help with getting to those places in your community? This is a struggle that many of the individuals supported by West Central Abilities have.

Luckily, we own a wheelchair accessible bus. Unfortunately, our bus is aging and had been having a variety of problems making it unreliable. So, West Central Abilities invested in a new lift for our bus. This was a large investment, but it means that we can provide a better quality of life for the individuals in our care! We have been able to assist individuals to visit the Kindersley & District Plains Museum, the Kindersley Regional Park, and participate in regular daily activities like attending the Activity Centre, visiting their doctor, and more!

Maintaining our vehicles requires the support of our community and fundraising to cover the costs. If you are interested in helping with these ongoing costs, please contact Kim at or 306-463-2727 ext. 2.

We would all like to extend our Thanks to the staff operating the Kindersley Manor Bus for helping us out as often as possible when our bus is not operating!

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