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“Reduced in price, just as nice” Section Aims to Cut Down on Food Waste

British supermarket, Tesco is helping customers find yellow sticker food (reduced) items more easily and has been expanded this incentive to 300 stores across the UK.

The marked-down sections are easily recognisable by their “reduced in price, just as nice” signs. In this section, customers can often find salads, meat, bread, and sweet treats.

“At Tesco we have no time for food waste and we do everything we can to reduce it,” said Claire Lorains, the Tesco group quality, technical and sustainability director. “Our customers are always on the lookout for great value food, and our rebranded ‘reduced in price, just as nice’ signage makes it easier than ever to spot a short-dated and top-quality bargain.”

Tesco introduced the section after shoppers said they would purchase more yellow sticker products if the area they were placed in looked nicer.

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