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KFD Receives New Extrication Tools Granted Through S.G.I.’s T.R.E.X. Program

Hello, Cody Phinney back for another update from the Kindersley Fire Brigade.

I’m happy to announce that the KFD has received our brand new Holmatro electric extrication tools, granted to us through S.G.I.’s T.R.E.X. program! The new tools include new spreaders, cutters, a combi-tool, rescue struts and air bags. These new electric tools are just as, if not more, powerful than our existing hydraulic tools but are also much more maneuverable. We were fortunate enough to have a few scrap vehicles on hand to practice with as the new tools came with a training session with Mike Beamish, a rescue specialist from Sea Hawk. We are planning to have a few more training sessions with these tools in the upcoming weeks to ensure all our members are familiar with their operation and capabilities.

The T.R.E.X. program was developed in collaboration with the Saskatchewan Volunteer Fire Fighters Association (S.V.F.F.A.), the Saskatchewan Association of Fire Chiefs (S.A.F.C.), the Provincial Training Standards Committee as well as S.G.I.. The T.R.E.X. program was implemented to enhance Fire Departments response levels by providing funding for training and equipment, we even had some members spend a weekend in Regina for training. Firefighters are often the first on scene to vehicle collisions where these tools and the knowledge to use them can be vitally important.

Summer break is just about over, and that means school will soon be back in full swing. That also means there will be kids heading to and from school. For the past two years KFD has responded to at least one incident involving a vehicle and a student either just before or after school hours. Please remember to slow down and be extra attentive for pedestrians during school hours. In addition, did you know you must come to a complete stop when you come across a school bus with its red flashing lights active and its stop sign deployed? Failure to do so could get you a fine, as well as potentially injure a pedestrian. Slowing down and being more aware could mean the difference of saving a child’s or forever altering your own.

Thanks for reading!

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