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Fall in Love With Your Dog

While loving your dog might seem like a simple concept, there’s more than adoring him and spoiling him with treats and toys. Loving your dog is about building a strong bond with him and acting in his best interest. A well-loved dog will feel safe, cherished, and secure, yet still know and follow the rules of canine citizenship. If you take the right steps, you can remain in charge while still having a friendly relationship with your dog.

Know how to nurture your dog. Create rules and enforce them to show your dog that you love him. Rules and expectations will help your dog know what behavior is acceptable and what isn’t. Your dog will know he’s loved, because he feels safe in the knowledge that you’re in charge and taking care of him.

Read your dog’s body language. Start paying attention to your dog’s body language in order to understand your dog better and what he’s trying to tell you. For example, pay attention to signs that your dog feels uncomfortable. His head will lower, he’ll glance away, cower down, and tuck his tail low. This will tell you that he’s stressed and help you respond to his discomfort.

Cherish your dog. Always respect your dog and the love that your dog has brought into the house. Be
kind, caring and considerate in the way that you treat your dog. Dogs read a lot into your tone of
voice, so speak kindly to him and he will understand your intentions. Spend quality time talking with your dog. Your dog loves getting attention from you. Every day, set aside some time to spend with your dog e.g. stroking your dog’s ears and resting, going for a walk, playing together.

Give your dog plenty of exercise. Depending on your dog’s breed, being cooped up could potentially drive him crazy. Working and herding dogs typically have a lot of energy, and that energy needs to go somewhere productive and fun. Play fetch to get your dog running around or go for a walk (or jog, if you both like a challenge). Walks also give a dog a chance to see their world and sniff around as dogs naturally do.

Here at Sonshine Kennels we regularly “fall in love” with our dog and cat guests. Lots of cuddles
and rubs during the day are good for man and beast.

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