AI Grain Grading App Developed By Sask Based Tech Company

A pioneering technology company based in Saskatchewan has unveiled a groundbreaking application aimed at assisting farmers in evaluating the quality of their grain.

This innovative app swiftly calculates the number of grain kernels while simultaneously assessing their quality. The brainchild behind this game-changing tool is Weiping Zeng, the CEO of SuperGeo A.I Tech, who has a background in farming. Zeng recognized the grueling hours that farmers invest in their work, often with uncertain returns. The primary objective of this AI-based app is to automate time-consuming tasks and eliminate subjectivity from the grain grading process.

Zeng explained his motivation, saying, “After conversations with farmers regarding their current grain quality assessment methods, it dawned on me: ‘Why not harness AI technology to assist them?'”

Lyndon Lisiza, the Chief Marketing Officer of SuperGeo A.I. Tech, emphasized that removing subjectivity from inspections could potentially provide a precise definition of grain grades, enabling farmers to maximize their profits. Currently, effective grain grading requires an inspector to meticulously scrutinize each grain kernel, examining small samples and determining the grain’s quality and any associated attributes or characteristics.

The app’s capabilities extend to detecting frost and heat damage, and it offers accurate sample counts for wheat, canola, peas, and lentils.

Zeng expressed his hope that this novel application of artificial intelligence will usher in a revolution in the agriculture industry.

Farmers can access the app on Android devices, although it is not yet available on Apple’s app store.

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