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SaskTel to Launch Solar Panel Project in Saskatoon

A SaskTel pilot project aimed at assessing the long-term feasibility of solar energy will see the installation of 222 solar panels in southwest Saskatoon. The Crown corporation announced this initiative on Wednesday, with the goal of evaluating the potential for offsetting electricity costs and reducing its environmental impact.

The solar panel array will be situated at the SaskTel Wire Centre and is anticipated to produce 128,000 kilowatt hours of electricity annually. Charlene Gavel, President and CEO of SaskTel, emphasized the significance of this project for Saskatchewan’s largest communications provider, as it consumes substantial electricity to power cell sites, pedestals, and other infrastructure across the province. She noted that this pilot project represents a step towards assessing solar energy as a supplementary power source.

Construction of the solar array will commence in October, with plans for it to become operational by year-end. In addition to potential cost savings and environmental benefits, SaskTel is also interested in exploring whether solar power generation could enhance the resilience of its network in remote and rural areas.

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